JOIN US has been in beta for more than a year with unpaid staff and personal contributions from retired payment executives to cover basic startup expenses. will become a not-for-profit organization going forward, relying solely on memberships. is in the process of filing as an unregistered not-for-profit corporation and shortly thereafter begin the two-to-three year process of obtaining 501c3 status so we can expand our services and staff. has added the Pay Now (membership) button. 

​Your can also support us, if you know your stuff (consumer or business as it relates to the payments/credit arena), by providing well written content from either the professional and/or the consumer perspective. currently offers four levels of annual membership. There are no automatic renewal options. We will notify you when the expiration date nears. 

The Membership Levels:

Consumer       $   20.00

Business          $1000.00
Corporate        $2500.00
Enterprise        $5000.00

All of the above membership levels offer benefits exceeding the amount paid and will be updated/disclosed over the next 14 days. Member benefits will be available upon disclosure this month but will have an effective membership start of January 2, 2017.

Whatever, if you are unable to support us financially or with helpful content, then please support us by visiting our site often. The daily blogs and most other features will continue to be free. The 'members only' areas will appear throughout December.

​More to Come