40% U.S. Consumers with Debt, Spend 50% of Monthly Income on Debt Repayment MORE

Patients Who Rely on Obamacare Protections Are Worried

Traveling? Take Bare Essentials – Little Cash; 2 Credit Cards; ID; Travel Insurance Docs

New Rules on Student Loans May Make it Easier to Qualify for a Mortgage MORE

More Customers Than Ever are Using Mobile Banking

Airbnb Settles Lawsuit With Its Hometown, San Francisco

Credit Cards are Like a Chainsaw - Truly Helpful Tool - Can Cut Your Financial Leg Off

Interns at these 25 Companies Make More than the Median U.S. Worker

Fake IRS Calls Make up 27% of Scam Calls

10 Huge Credit Card Mistakes

Dollar Bank to Issue New Debit Cards after Chipotle Data Breach

Still Time to Identify On-Going Financial Mistakes for 2017

TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017

Auto Loan Market Gets Super Dark – Set to Unravel in 2017 MORE

Durbin's Debit-Card Price Controls Hit the Poor Hardest MORE

7 Top Must-Read Travel Tips for 2017 MORE

Lessons in Financial Literacy Important for Life MORE

Citi Cardholders Get 1st Dibs on Labor Day Philly Music Fest MORE

Protect Users of Prepaid Cards MORE

Read This Before You Get a Mortgage MORE

Americans Luv Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards MORE

U.S. Issues Travel Alert for Europe, Citing Threat of Terrorist Attacks MORE

6 Things You Should Know About Joint Checking Accounts MORE

U.S. to Cuba Travel Fever Dwindles in 2017 MORE

Report Predicts Credit Card Fraud About to Explode MORE

MONDAY, MAY 1, 2017 

Your Ultimate Guide to Cutting Cable and Saving Money on Streaming TV MORE

Credit Cards are like a Chainsaw, Helpful, but Enable Bad, Destructive Habits MORE

Feds Put Loan Forgiveness Program on Ice MORE

Still Time to Identify On-Going Financial Mistakes and Make Long Lasting Changes MORE

Shaming Children So Parents Will Pay the School Lunch Bill MORE

Mastercard Lifts Curtain on Next Generation Biometric Card MORE

"Smart" Credit Cards May be Over Before They Started MORE

U.S. Consumers Contacted by Debt Collectors Felt Threatened MORE

How Financial Literacy Programs Can Do More Harm Than Good MORE

BitConnect Gains over 50,000 Members Around the World MORE


Debit/Credit Cards and ATM to be Redundant in India by 2020 MORE

Being Credit Drunk & Soberly Realize You Gotta Pay for Spending Binge- Costly MORE

FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2017

HELOCS Not Faddy – Misunderstood – But Not Forgotten MORE

Leadership Behind Push to Kill Consumer Protections for Prepaid Cards Agreed to $53M FTC Settlement MORE

U.S. House May Not Kill Debit Card Fee Limits: Banking Panel Chair MORE

MYTH: Millennials Don't Go to a Bank Branch, Only Do Digital Banking MORE


April is Financial Literacy Month and National Social Security Month MORE

Apple Planning to Take on Venmo with its Own Payment System MORE

International Students in U.S. Offered More Personal Finance Options MORE

Answers to Common Reverse Mortgage Questions MORE

"Extend and Pretend" and Other Signs of the Coming "Car Crash” MORE


Simple Rule for Calculating Where You Stand on College Savings MORE

4 Simple Ways to Avoid Pickpockets on Summer Vacation MORE

Here's How Much Mortgage You Can Actually Afford MORE


Out-of-Pocket Medical Bills Up 6X Since 1980 – Climbing 8% Annually  MORE


Six Ways Trump's Tax Plan Severely Screws Ordinary Working Joes MORE

5 Ways to Avoid Traveler's Contraption & Doohickey Diarrhea MORE

FCC Chairman Pushes Sweeping Changes to Net Neutrality Rules MORE

U.S. Borrowers Say Student Loan Servicers are Paradoxical MORE

How a New Credit Card Can Boost Your Credit Score MORE

American's Debt Abyss Driven by the Urge to Splurge MORE

Chipotle Warns Customers of Possible Credit Card Breach MORE

10 Restaurants Giving Away Free Gift Cards This Spring MORE

Wal-Mart Links with American Express Bluebird for Mobile Funds Transfer MORE

Criminals Will Need a 'Face Off' Machine to Beat Biometrics MORE

GM Financial Sponsors Financial Literacy Day on Capitol Hill MORE


Fannie Mae Easing Student Debt Obstacles for a Mortgage MORE

Faulty Background Check Prompts Class Action Lawsuit MORE

Debt Snowball Can Become an Avalanche – Beware Dummy!! MORE

Will You Need a Visa to go to Europe this Summer? That's a Definite Maybe. MORE

BJ's Mastercard Offers MLB All-Star Game Sweepstakes MORE

What Betsy DeVos Wants to do to Your Student Loans MORE

Strange Debit Cards Arrive by Mail, Urge Man to Load with Paychecks: Money Matters MORE

Plasma Donor Prepaid Visa Adds Cash-Back Rewards MORE

The Worm in the Apple: Public Education Without Financial Literacy MORE


Congress Might Shred Prepaid Card Rules Before They Take Effect MORE

IRS Impersonations Fraud du jour for Gullible Millennials MORE

Social Network Payments Reach $3 Trillion in China MORE


Overnight Regulation: Feds Delay Prepaid Card Rule by 6 Months MORE


The Latest American Status Symbol: Metal Credit Cards MORE


BitConnect Coin Blasts Off Faster than Bitcoin in Cryptocurrency MORE


Raise Your Financial Literacy and Become a Banking Guru MORE


What Would a Government Shutdown do to Mortgages? MORE


U.S. Trails (14th Place) Israel, Canada & Germany for Financial Literacy MORE


Auto Loans: The Next Debt Bubble? MORE


Your Credit Score is About to Become More Forgiving MORE


Mastercard's New Platinum Travel Card is the Bee's Knees in the UK MORE


'Deep Subprime' Auto Loans Are Surging MORE


10 Credit Tips From Someone With a Perfect Credit Score MORE


Baby Boomers Still Struggle with Student Debt & Retirement Plans MORE


MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2017

8 Bad Financial Habits You Can Break Today MORE

Financial Literacy is Sound Investment for Everyone MORE

Australians Go Off the Boil with Credit Card Usage MORE

F.T.C. Cracks Down on a Kardashian/Jenner Potential Revenue Stream MORE

Egyptian Mickey Dee's Go Cashless – Mobile & Wave Payments Not Far Off MORE

Visa Under Investigation In Ohio For Debit Card Verification Practices MORE

MasterCard Wants to Let Your Fingers Do the Paying – Securely MORE

Prepaid Card Regulations Needed to Protect Consumers MORE

Rising APRs Big for Week2Weekers – Overall Not So Much MORE

How Does a Secured Credit Card Work? MORE

Even Young, Hip Americans Don't Want to Use Mobile Payment Apps MORE

1.4 Billion Data Records Hacked Globally in 2016 Up Humongous 86% MORE

FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 2017

MasterCard Wants to Let Your Fingers Do the Paying – Securely MORE

Bose Headphones May Have Been Spying on Customers-Lawsuit Filed MORE

Canucks Tamp Down Card Spending in Face of Global Uncertainty MORE

Top 2 Ways to Stay Paid - Financial Literacy Made Easy! MORE

When Push Comes to Shove Americans Pick Money Over Time MORE

How to go to College Debt Free with a Double Major & No Debt MORE

Americans Can't Sleep Due to Worries Over Future Health Costs MORE

Prepaid Card Users in Every State Could Lose Protections MORE

2k Rule of Thumb — Secret to Saving for Your Child's College Education MORE

Which Airline Credit Cards Can Save You From Getting Bumped? MORE

Tons of $80,000 Entry-Level Cybersecurity Jobs are Sitting Empty MORE

Only Card Issuer to Support Walmart's Fight Against Hunger MORE


Rebranded EatStreet is Now Hungry>>>Happy in 250 U.S. Cities MORE

How to Trick People Into Saving Money MORE

TD MySpend App a Smashing Hit North of the Border MORE

Mastercard Adding Fingerprint Readers to Plastic Debit & Credit Cards Next Year MORE

7 Baby Steps Millennials Need to Take to Get Financially Sound MORE

How to Get a Debt Collector Off Your Back  MORE

CN Bankruptcy Candidates Get a Boatload of New Resources MORE

What You Need to Know About Credit Cards When You Travel Abroad MORE

Subway Takes Off Like a BMT Bullet Train with a Facebook Messenger Bot MORE

Partnership to Let Wells Fargo Customers Make Mobile Payments via PayPal MORE

South Korea Tests Prepaid Cards to Replace Pocket Change MORE

Canada Set to Test Payment Cards On-Board Buses Using Monetico MORE


7 Steps Toward Financial Literacy For Your Children MORE

Lapsed Student Loan Payments May Cost You a Tax Refund MORE

Navy FCU & USAA Earn Forgiveness – Citigroup Not So Much MORE

Kenya Worst Hit in East Africa by Cybercrime MORE

What Windows Users Should Know About the Latest Bugs Revealed by NSA Leakers MORE

Financial Literacy Month: Increase Your Team's Grasp of Dollars & Sense Issues MORE

Most Boomers Aren't Ready to Go Fully Cashless MORE

Schneiderman Calls on Congress to Preserve Protections for Consumers Using Prepaid Cards MORE

Discover Creates New Cool Tool for Comparing College Award Letters MORE

Immigration Authorities Expand Mobile Biometrics Project in Hawaii MORE

Mastercard Enables U.K. Football Players Pay Their Fines on the Pitch MORE

PayPal and Google Get Cozy With New Digital Wallet Partnership MORE

Credit Card Debt: Americans Top $1T Brits Growing 9% & Aussies So-So MORE


Rising APRs Big for Week2Weekers – Overall Not So Much MORE

Bitcoin Payments Cheaper & Safer Than Credit Cards: Cointed MORE

Enhancing Financial Literacy Through The Stock Market Game MORE

Alpha Keeper Money Belts Getting Bigger Than Their Britches MORE

How Financial Literacy Can Help Ease Anxiety About Growing Old MORE

Mobile Payments Wait For Consumers To Come Around MORE

American Express Dangles Juiced Up Cash-Back Card to Canucks MORE

Using a Debit Card Might Actually Make You Richer MORE

The Only Reason to Pay Credit Card Fees MORE

Planning to Borrow From 401(k) for Home Down Payment? It May Not Be as Easy as You Think MORE

Credit Discrimination Still Alive But Days Are Numbered CFPB Says MORE

Yes, All Debt is Bad Debt MORE

MONDAY, APRIL 17, 2017

BitConnect Coin Blasts Off Faster than Bitcoin in Cryptocurrency MORE

A Baby or Your Money Back: All About Fertility Clinic Package Deals MORE

Debt Collectors Have Selective Hearing – Demand YOU to be All Ears MORE

Your Phone Line Gets Hacked, Guess Who Your Service Provider Thinks Should Pay the Bill MORE

Tech Industry: Trump is Destroying Jobs & America's Global Reputation MORE

To Get Walmart's Latest Online Discounts You Have to Visit the Store MORE

Credit/Loan Offers Rank #2 for Pain-in-the-Bum Unwanted Phone Calls MORE

Square Chief Teases a Smart Debit Card MORE

1.4 Billion Data Records Hacked Globally in 2016 Up Humongous 86% MORE

Mobile Payments Wait For Consumers To Come Around MORE

Watch Out for This Unsolicited Credit Card MORE

Hopelessness of Bad Credit w/Huge Debts with High APRs & Fees MORE

FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2017

Old Farts Represent a Huge $ Market for Alternative Financial Services MORE

Why More Men Will Soon Find Themselves Doing "Womens" Work MORE

Reasons Consumers Love Their Favorite Place for Gas Fill-Ups MORE

United Can Bump Customers Off Flights. So Don't Get Carried Away. MORE

Financial Literacy Month in Full Stride for April–Tons of Support MORE

How Technology Has Failed to Improve Your Airline Experience MORE

Mastercard's New Platinum Travel Card is Bee's Knees in the UK MORE

Is Bitcoin Money? Judge Says No MORE

It Takes a Village to Ensure Financial Literacy Among Youth MORE

U.S. Trails Israel, Canada & Germany for Financial Literacy MORE

Five Tips on Smarter Ways to Spend, Save, Invest and Manage Money MORE

Here's Proof Disputing Your Credit-Card Bill Could Be Worth It MORE



Baby Boomers Still Struggle with Student Debt & Retirement Plans MORE

Fear of Flying, for Good Reason MORE

Medical Debt Collection–System Run Amok Screwing-Up Credit MORE

Here's How Much Airlines Will Pay You to Give Up Your Seat MORE

Discover Creates New Cool Tool for Comparing College Award Letters MORE

Online Ad Industry Rallying to Fight Piracy, Fraud, Extremists and Fake News MORE

Half of Students Receive Financial Literacy Education: Survey MORE

Manhandled Passenger Triggers Calls for Updated Flyers Rights MORE

Who's Teaching Black Women About Financial Literacy? MORE

Credit Card Delinquency Remains Stable as Auto & Boat Delinquency Heads North MORE

5 Ways Credit Cards Are Better Than Debit Cards MORE

Most Upcoming Retirees are Having the Vapors Over Savings MORE


Navy FCU & USAA Earn Forgiveness – Citigroup Not So Much MORE

She Was Pregnant and Broke. She Signed Up for Uber & Fell Into Debt MORE

When You Buy a Plane Ticket, Here's What You Have to Agree to MORE

U.S. Cardholders Say Their Primary Credit Card is Not Up to Snuff MORE

Loans 'Designed to Fail': States Say Navient Preyed on Students MORE

New York to Become the Largest State to Offer Tuition Free Higher Education MORE

CPA Canada's Financial Literacy Program Continues to Shine Brightly MORE

Dining Hack: What to do About a Gift Card from a Closed Restaurant MORE

Divorce Silver Lining: Sell Ring for Top Dollar & Start a New Business MORE

Financial Options that Give Back - Empowers Blacks MORE

Only 15% Of Consumers Give Themselves An "A" In Financial Literacy MORE

Starbucks Will Give You $5 if You Send a Friend a $5 Gift Card on Your iPhone MORE

United Airlines' Customers Cut Up Their Loyalty Cards After Passenger Removal Video MORE


How to Spot Phishing Scam Emails Appearing Legitimate MORE

Most Adults Still Fail the Financial Literacy Test MORE

Don't Think Twice — Think Thrice Before Sharing Personal Information MORE

3 Ways to Take Action During Financial Literacy Month MORE

Financial Literacy Month – How Did it Get Started? MORE

Bitcoin Debit Cards: CryptoPay vs Wirex vs Bitwala MORE

Thanks to Mastercard U.K. Football Players Pay Their Fines on the Pitch MORE

Chicago's Metra Electric Line to Remove Cash-Only Ticket Kiosks MORE

Debt Consolidation Can Boost Your Credit Score & Lower Debt Costs MORE

Should You Close Old Credit Card Accounts? MORE

Biometric Scanners Are the Way Forward in Mobile Security MORE

On Other Side of the World Mobile Loyalty Takes Hold with Locals MORE

MONDAY, APRIL 10, 2017

Good Kiddie Read: "Curious George Saves His Pennies” MORE

What To Do About Heavy Credit Card Debt MORE

What's in Store for Your Store? MORE

At F.C.C., Obama-Era Rules on Chopping Block MORE

Instantly Buy US$20K Monthly of Bitcoins with Credit Cards MORE

How to Book Round-Trip International Flights for Less than $400 MORE

Virtual Bitcoin Kiosk with 300 Ways to Pay Plus Earn Commissions MORE

Identity Thieves May Have Hacked Files of 100k Financial Aid Applicants MORE

Here's Your Certified Financial Plan Going Forward MORE

10 Dumbest States for Financial Literacy: 2017 MORE

Credit Card Debt: Americans Top $1T Brits Growing 9% & Aussies So-So MORE

Financial Literacy Month: See All Types of Green This Spring MORE


Fantasy Sports Meets Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and Debit Cards MORE

Mortgage Rates Lowest Since Mid-January  MORE

Let Your Mouth Do the Talking Not Your Fingers For Banking Services MORE

LifeSmarts Program Awards Scholarship to Student Leaders MORE

The Awesome Travel Navigator Mobile App Does it All & Goes Global MORE

Speaking Truth to Power About Financial Literacy MORE

Canadian Businesses Enabled to Create The Perfect Visa Prepaid Card MORE

Want True Privacy? You Need to Check Out this Browser MORE

7 FAQs Regarding Debt Consolidation and Debt Settlement MORE

Politicians' Web Browsing History Targeted After Privacy Vote MORE

CS Loyalty Card Offers Three Levels: Fan, Friend, and Freak MORE

Average Credit Card Rates Jump to 15.71% MORE


Retail's Future? Robots, Interactive Mirrors, 3D, QSR, Instant Try-On MORE


Popular Deductions for Homeownership are Targeted in Tax Plans MORE


Bankers Head Out to Schools for Financial Literacy Month MORE


Starbucks, Amazon, Dunkin' Donuts Drive New Mobile Payment Behaviors MORE


Behind Closed Doors Americans Lose Browsing Privacy Rights MORE


Wide Gaps In Financial Literacy Transcend Generations, Study Finds MORE


Americans Prefer Painful Dental Work Over Tax Return Work MORE


Common Misunderstandings in Financial Literacy MORE


Four Core Financial Concepts for Kids of All Ages MORE


Should Colleges Require a Financial Literacy Class? MORE


National Financial Educators Day Honors Financial Literacy Advocates & Educators MORE


American Have Little or No Scratch to Cover Monkey-Wrench Bumps MORE



Financial Education Benefits Center: Expanding Product Line in 2017 MORE

Small Business Loans: How Hard is It to Get a Bank Loan? MORE

Small Business Optimism Jumps Nine Points MORE

US Consumer Preferences & Attitudes Around Retail Credit Online & In the Store MORE

Amazon Drops Appeals, Paving Way for Refunds 4 Children's Unauthorized In-App Charges MORE

Ally Introduces Online Auto Finance Marketplace, Clearlane MORE

Later Easter Expected to Bring Record Spending MORE

Companies Start Implanting Microchips into Workers' Bodies MORE

The IRS Is Now Using Private Debt Collectors MORE

18 Badass Travel Benefits You Can Get From a Credit Card (Beyond Miles) MORE

How to Get the Most Out of Your Credit Card at Staples MORE

How Digital Wallets and Mobile Payments Are Evolving and What It Means for You MORE


Built-In Credit Card Travel Insurance May Not Be Up to Snuff MORE

Experian Recognizes Financial Literacy Month to Help Move Americans MORE

Despite Genes Some Kids Buck Their Parents Poor Financial Habits MORE

NetSpend Settles FTC Charges MORE

Credit Bureau Wild West Will Return if GOP Corrals the CFPB MORE

Understanding Consumer Experiences: Insights from CFPB's 2016 Consumer Response Report MORE

Alternative Data Frees Up Credit for 45 Million Americans MORE

How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers' Buttons MORE

Mac Geeks Have Better Credit Scores & Bigger Down Payments MORE

Student Debt Giant Navient to Borrowers: You're on Your Own MORE

AutoGravity Easy Car Loan Referral Service Gets More Traction MORE


Financial Literacy Month Gets a Big Boost from a New Kiddie Money Guide MORE

Mortgage Rates Show Little Change MORE

Staggering Student Loan Debt & Defaults Continue to Strangle U.S. Borrowers MORE

Best Rewards Credit Cards: Spring 2017 MORE

Safer Payment Products for Minors' Guide for Financial Service Providers MORE

CFPB Issues Proposal to Provide Flexibility to Certain Mortgage Lenders in Collecting Information MORE

New AmEx Platinum Perks to Justify the New $550 Annual Fee MORE

PIRG Applauds CFPB's Action Against Experian for Practice that Deceives Consumers MORE

5 Simple Ways to Avoid Blowing Your Tax Refund Wad MORE 

NCL Celebrates the Withdrawal of the American Health Care Act

8 Smart Tips to Beat the Identity Fraud Crooks MORE


Stores Charging Extra for Credit Cards? That's Freedom of Speech Says Supreme Court MORE


New Clothing Store is for Try-Ons Only – Buy with Your Phone MORE

Innovation Initiatives to Make Insurance Claim Payments Faster And Flexible MORE

Credit Card Issues Continue to Bug U.S. Consumers MORE

House Votes to Allow ISPs to Spy on Customers and Sell Their Data w/o Consent MORE

ATM Fraud Soars — 7 Ways to Protect Your Debit Card MORE

Average Credit Card Rates Climb to 15.63% MORE

Brits are Keen as Mustard with Online Shopping MORE

Indian Consumers Remain Most Optimistic About Well-Being MORE

Personal Finance Ignorance Can Be Costly Over a Lifetime – Hugely MORE

Canadians Believe Businesses Working to Protect Personal Information Yet Cybersecurity Concerns Linger MORE

8 Dos and Don'ts to Avoid Excessive Credit Card Debt MORE

What Happens to Your House When You File Bankruptcy MORE


Delete Your Data – Stupid! – If You Sell Your Device Online MORE


Senate Vote on Broadband Privacy Threatens Consumers' Data Security MORE


Online Scamsters are Slick Little Devils MORE


Economic Data: Installment Debt Continues to Boom While Revolving Debt Drops MORE


Don't Be a Wussy Cardholder – Ask for Fee Waivers and a Better Rate MORE


How Obamacare Affects Everyone MORE


Sandwiches and Booze Driving the Surge in U.K. Tap and Pay MORE 

FTC Returns Money to Victims of Business Directory Scheme MORE


More U.S. Consumers Stay Aboard the Entire Cruise MORE 

CFPB Fines Experian $3 Million for Deceiving Consumers in Marketing Credit Scores


Tech-Savvy Young Canadians Love Their Banks MORE 

Esso Customers Get Mobile Payments & Rewards at 1,000 Canadian Gas Stations


MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2017

Upgraded Synchrony Car Care Discover Credit Card Rocks MORE Weekly Credit Card Card Average Card Rates Jump to Record High of 15.59% MORE

U.S. Bank’s Corporate Visa To Go Mobile Very Shortly MORE

Educational Software Brings Community Contributors to Support Small Business Owners MORE

Despite Genes Some Kids Buck Their Parents Poor Financial Habits MORE

80% of Shoppers Believe They're More Knowledgeable than Retail Store Associates MORE

Ditzy DeVos Hammers Student Loan Borrowers with Hefty Default Fees MORE

Southwest Airlines and AirTran Earn Top Customer Experience Ratings for airlines MORE


Credit Bureau Wild West Will Return if GOP Corrals the CFPB MORE

Courtyard By Marriott Earns Top Customer Experience Ratings for Hotels MORE 

6 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Finances MORE

Average U.S. Credit Card Debt Tops $10K Per Household MORE


Dos and Don'ts of Refinancing Credit Card Debt MORE

43-Month 0% APR Credit Card is Here 4 Real — But Across the Pond — Sorry MORE

dian Parents MORE

Data Broker Ideal Financial Shuttered After Scamming $7MM from Consumers' Accounts MORE

Nearly Half of Canadian Homeowners Aren't Prepared for Emergency Expenses MORE

MPG Standards Protect the "Forgotten Americans" if Automakers Stay the Course MORE



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