30K+ Attendees to Check-Out Mobile World Congress Americas in Sept MORE

Payment Startups Are Always Faster -- Banks Can Win With Breadth

Late-Stage Delinquency Edges Down Sequentially – Storm Clouds Gather

Sage Confirms Its Selling Its U.S. Payments Unit

Ingenico to Unveil Just Works POS Pairing for Seamless Bluetooth Coupling

Square Thriving on Bigger Merchant Deals

Sinking U.S. EMV Card Demand Wrecks CPI Card First Quarter

Cap One Puts More Spark into its Business Card Product with SBA Month

B2B PAYMENTS SMB Credit Score Startup, Nav, Raises $13M in VC MORE

Square Amazes with Another Quarter GPV Topping 30%+ MORE

Amex Required for Reservations at New Hampton Restaurant

Malauzai Partners With Vantiv On SmartKid Control For Tweens, Teens


Mastercard Globally OK But U.S. Business Spirals Down for Another Quarter MORE

Facebook Adds Digital Discounts for In-Store Use

FleetCor on Fire – Q1 Profits Solid & Major B2B Acquisition in the Wings

Self-Proclaimed Nuns Make A Living Selling "Healing" Cannabis Online

Q1 Purchasing Volume Soars Among Top 4 US Issuers Driven by Citi

Full Service e-Wallets can Stifle Restaurant Payments Crime

Verifone Nails a Major Ukraine Payment-as-a-Service POS Deal

Vendors Need to Step Up Small Business EMV Game

Instant Financing Options Appear to be Catching On Among U.S. Consumers

Ecommerce Fraud To Surge, Says Radial Data MORE

Mastercard on a Roll in Combining Financial Inclusion with Digital Payments

The President May Replace Top Banking Regulator

TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017

Top U.S. Credit Card Issuer Charge-Offs Take Off Bigly in Q1 MORE

Vendors Need to Step Up Small Business EMV Game

U.S. Card Issuers Left with Bottom Fishing and Rewards Gamers

Hackers Leveraged SWIFT Gaps To Pull Off Heists

HACKATHONS + MEETUPS + PARTIES = Fintech Week & Summer in London

Veridium to Demonstrate New Features of its Biometrics-Based Authentication Technology

Tencent To Open Seattle AI Research Lab

UnionPay Jazzes-Up Credit Card Perks at 100+ Airports Globally MORE

Synchrony Financial Stock Takes The Plunge

Egypt's Bee Mobile Wallet Integrates with the Mastercard Payments Ecosystem

New Zealand Lands Wireless & IP POS Services

P2P Giant Dianrong is Preparing for Full Blockchain Integration

MONDAY, MAY 1, 2017

Synchrony Q1 Charge-Offs Soar – Profits Up 10%+ YOY MORE

JPMC Bails On Blockchain Consortium R3

Is Mobile Payment Tech Still Insecure?

Chipotle Breach Calls All Restaurants to Get a Security 'Tool Belt’

WEX Q1 Numbers are Astounding as U.S. Fleet Cards Take-Off

Samsung Pay Lands In Sweden And The UAE

Accenture: Biometric Authentication is More Secure than Passwords

KKR's Profit Jumps as First Data Fuels Gains

Top 4 Q1 US Credit Card Outstandings Slow a Bit – Not COF

Fresh EBT Makes Food Stamps Digital

Quantum Biometrics Exploits the Human Eye's Ability to Detect Single Photons

TransferWise Expands Money Remittance Service to Singapore

FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2017 

Delinquency Among Top 4 Issuers Edges Up in Q1 – Marching Higher MORE

Fiserv Q1: Revenue+ . . . Sales Growth+ . . . Free Cash Flow+

Ripple vs. Swift Rivalry Heats Up; Banking May Be Ultimate Winner

Alibaba To Launch Credit Services In Brazil MORE

Credit Card Account Acquisitions Driven by Sub-Prime with Low Credit Limits

Integrated Biometrics Releases FBI-Certified Optical 10-Print Fingerprint Scanner

First Data's Debit Network has Unrealized Potential

Americans Want More from Banks: Budgeting – Financial Planning – Credit Monitoring MORE

Slowed Consumer Spending Takes A Bite Out Of The Big Brands

Apple Again in Talks for Peer-to-Peer Mobile Payments, May Launch Own Visa Debit Cards

PayPal's Partnerships Deliver Strong Earnings Growth MORE

Big Banks Pulling Back From Bitcoin


PayPal Stays Hot Despite Q1 Seasonal TPV – Margins Slide Again MORE

Better Late Than Never? Samsung Enters Hong Kong's Mobile Payments Market

Qantas Airways to Accept UnionPay Cards — Builds on Westpac & ANZ Relationships

Samsung Facial Recognition Tech Not Ready For Payments Yet

KinerjaPay Lands Two Major Indonesian C-Store Chains as Expansion Accelerates

Push Payments Boost 'Faster Pay' and Consumer Choice MORE

Vantiv + Paymetric = B2B Payments Expansion & Cross-Selling Opportunities

Visa's U.S. EMV Transactions Hit One Billion Mark in March

Fully Tokenized ACH Payment Integration Via Plaid And Dwolla Partnership

Weighing the Risks of Mobile Payments at Your Small Business

AMAZON Estimate Shows Majority of US Amazon Shoppers Are Prime Members

Goode Forecasts Mobile & Wearable Biometrics to Surpass $6.2B by 2022


Discover Card Q1 Profits Slip w/Rising Charge-Offs – Yields Solid MORE

Biometrics and Behavior Analysis are Needed to Unmask Fake Identities MORE

Cap One U.S. Card Profits Dip as Charge-Offs Soar & FICO Scores Slide MORE

Instacart Accelerates US Expansion Efforts MORE

TSYS Posts Decent Q1 Profit While Trimming Jobs and Diversifying MORE

Cardless ATMs Require Layers of Sophisticated Authentication MORE

Customer Engagement–Mobilizing Your Business Set for Late August MORE

FinTech Could Be Hurt By Fight Between OCC And States MORE

Deploying Mobile Payments with Airlines – Peas & Carrots MORE

Amazon Targets Subscription Sales with Self-Service Merchant Portal MORE

FICO in Russia Develops a Score to Gamify the Credit Application Process MORE


Amazon Gets Into Subscription Biz With Subscribe With Amazon MORE


Australian Credit Card Spending Cools Jets Real Fast in Q1 MORE

Biometrics and Behavior Analysis are Needed to Unmask Fake Identities MORE

Synthetic Identity Fraud & Application Fraud Driving Payments Execs Bonkers MORE

Amazon Gets Into Subscription Biz With Subscribe With Amazon MORE

Stodgy Bankers Fail to Grasp Transactions are Consolidating to Mobile Devices MORE


Ant Financial's Great Mobile Payments Race MORE

New EMV/NFC Mobile Card Readers Offer Extensive Payment Management Tools MORE

Alleged Bitcoin Creator's Company Sold To Private Investors MORE

National Bank of Cambodia to Test Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology MORE

Biometrics and Behavior Analysis are Needed to Unmask Fake Identities MORE

FinTech Could Be Hurt By Fight Between OCC And States MORE

Cyber Breaches & Internal Breaches – Growing Problem for Banks Worldwide MORE

MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2017

Cyber Breaches & Internal Breaches – Growing Problem for Banks Worldwide MORE

Artificial Intelligence Can Cut Money Laundering's 'Acceptable Losses' MORE

7 of 10 Banks in Kazakhstan Now Accept UnionPay Cards via ATMs & POS MORE

AARP Report Finds People 50+ To Generate $83B For Fintech Over Next Five Years MORE

Visa U.S. Q1 PDV Growing by Record YOY Levels – Account & Card Base Solid MORE

Post-Costco, Amex Shows Signs of Digital-Driven Recovery MORE

NerdWallet Lays Off 40 MORE

Mobile Wallet Security from Paygilant MORE

EBay Struggles with Turnaround as Goliath Amazon Holds Sway MORE

AXP USCS Pinched by Costco Card Loss – Q1 Delinquency & Charge-Offs Rise MORE

ADS Q1 Exceeds Expectations – Segments Pumping on All Cylinders MORE

FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 2017

Visa U.S. Q1 PDV Growing by Record YOY Levels – Account & Card Base Solid MORE

After a Breach, Triage Must Come Before Remediation MORE

ADS Q1 Exceeds Expectations – Segments Pumping on All Cylinders MORE

PayPal And Android Pay Team Up To Take On Digital Payments MORE

PayExpo Europe Ready to Disrupt the Payments Status Quo MORE

Apple Pay's Surprising Use Case in Remittances MORE

Debit Cards More Secure with Growing Popularity Among Small Businesses MORE

MoneyGram Debuts Sendbot For Messenger At F8 MORE

Free Chip and Swipe Card Reader for In-Person Selling in U.S. is Here MORE

PayPal Goes Mobile in Android Pay Partnership MORE

Paytm Negotiating $1.2 — $1.5B Funding Round With SoftBank MORE

TokenCard, First Debit Card Powered by Smart Contracts is Here – Say What?? MORE


AXP USCS Pinched by Costco Card Loss – Q1 Delinquency & Charge-Offs Rise MORE

Apple Pay's Surprising Use Case in Remittances MORE

U.S. Bank Credit Card Q1 Profits Decline As Charge-Offs Rise MORE

PayPal And Android Pay Team Up To Take On Digital Payments MORE

All-Digital Payment Service Masterpass Inking Deals From Vending to Africa MORE

After a Breach, Triage Must Come Before Remediation MORE

All the Cards are Finally Lining Up for Solid Growth in Corporate Purchasing Cards MORE

MoneyGram Debuts Sendbot For Messenger At F8 MORE

Experian Unleashes Two Powerful Collection Tools for Consumers MORE

PayPal Goes Mobile in Android Pay partnership MORE

Paytm Negotiating $1.2 — $1.5B Funding Round With SoftBank MORE

Chinese Messaging & e-Commerce Platforms Power Digital Payments to the Stratosphere MORE


BofA Credit Card Unit Continues to Plug Along in Q1 – Charge-Offs Up MORE

Payments Innovation is 'Unbundling' Banking MORE


In:fluence to Unravel Integrated Omnichannel Retailing Next Month MORE

Early Warning Services Processed More Than 170M P2P Transactions In 2016 MORE

Bank Credit Card Delinquency Slowly Rears its Ugly Head Again MORE

As the U.K. Embraces Check Images, Security Risk Awaits MORE 

Global POS Terminals Market Distinctly NFC POS Terminals Remains Strong MORE

One Out Of Five U.K. Firms Hit By Hackers Last Year MORE

VE Kiosk Platform Brings Together ePort, More Loyalty with High Quality Vending Hardware MORE

Alleged NSA Hack of Swift Service Bureau Revives 'Back Door' Debate MORE

Discover Joins Walmart's Campaign To Fight Hunger MORE

PayRange Taps Into the Most Advanced Vending Machine Market in the World MORE


Sophisticated Software Propels Email Marketing Among SMEs & Card Issuers MORE

Facial Recognition Coming Soon to Lloyds MORE

Ant Financial Extends Mobile Payment Services to Indonesia MORE

Online Consumer Payments to Capture 20% of Market; Americans Wary of Cybersecurity MORE

Payments Innovation is 'Unbundling' Banking MORE

Ant Hikes MoneyGram Bid To $1.2 Billion MORE


Zuora to Electrify the Subscription Economy in Frisco with Subscribed MORE

DHS Needs Someone to Explain Biometrics MORE

American Express Losing Its Luster With Unassuming Millennials MORE

Meet Bitcoin Plus - The Next Great Cryptocurrency MORE

NACHA Says ACH Payments Overall Volume Increased 5.3% In 2016 MORE

Cryptocurrency+Bank+Visa with Complete Anonymity? – Probably All Hat No Cattle MORE

MONDAY, APRIL 17, 2017

Tech & Jazz & Startups to Have a #Collision in The Big Easy MORE

Deregulation is needed to ease cross-border payments in China MORE

Wells Fargo Credit Card Portfolio Bad Sales Practices Impact Continues in Q1 MORE

Telcos & Banks Ride-the-Unbanked-Wave of Brazil,Columbia and Mexico MORE

Credit Suisse Says PayPal Beating Plastic Online MORE

Bitcoin Wallets Under Siege From 'Large Collider' Attack MORE

Static Online Security Isn't Enough to Stop Post-EMV Fraud MORE

Bitcoin Decentralized Cryptocurrency Transformational for Payments MORE

Tangerine Bank Offers Credit Lines To Become Canada's Everyday Bank MORE

EMV Terminals & Cards Drives Fraudsters to e-Commerce Big Time MORE

Mobifone & Fortumo Team To Roll Out Carrier Billing On Google Play MORE

Analytics Dashboard for ISOs, ISVs & VARs Offers Real-Time Max Detailed Data MORE

FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2017

Costco Card Drives Citi PDV Higher and Profits Lower in Q1 MORE 

Why Apple Is Beating (and Will Keep Beating) Google in Mobile Payments

Sapphire Reserve Card Acquisition Costs Still Dog Chase in Q1 MORE

Ant Financial Could Increase MoneyGram Bid MORE

Biometrics Market to Grow 12% CAGR Driven by Untrustworthy Passwords MORE

Deregulation is Needed to Ease Cross-Border Payments in China MORE

High Quality Payments Innovation Summit Coming to Frisco in November MORE

Gas Station TV, Verifone Combine to Pump Assets Into GSTV MORE

Swift Exec Marjan Delatinne Defects to Ripple MORE

Buying Bitcoin Gets Easier to Buy & Resumes Acceptance Traction in 2017 MORE

Juniper Research Still Betting On Apple Pay MORE

Belarus' Sberbank to Give China's UnionPay Card Boost on Silk Road Economic Belt MORE


Thanks to Mastercard U.K. Football Players Pay Their Fines on the Pitch MORE

GameStop's Breach is a Call for Biometric ID Security MORE

Credit Card Debt: Americans Top $1T Brits Growing 9% & Aussies So-So MORE

Bitcoin Exchange Sues Wells Fargo MORE

Visa to Report Europe Data for 3rd Straight Quarter; Major 4 May Top $3T Globally in Q1 MORE

Uber Getting Into The Patent-Purchasing Business MORE

Alibaba Makes its Move in Indonesia, Partners w/Emtek on Mobile Payment MORE

Bracing for Higher Charge-Off 1Q Ratios for Top 100 Bank Credit Card Issuers MORE

Regions Recruits CIO from Marketplace Lender Kabbage MORE

 V+MA+AXP+DFS U.S. GDV Expected to Post +8% YOY for 1Q MORE

Facebook Messenger Launches Group Payment Service MORE

U.S. Credit Card Delinquency for Top 100 Likely to Hit 3-Year High in 1Q MORE


The FICO® Score Open Access Program a Smash Hit in U.S. MORE

Mastercard's £700M Acquisition of Vocalink Has Received Final Clearance MORE

Global Payment Cards (V+MA+AXP+DFS) Tops 5 Billion Up 6% YOY MORE

Static Online Security Isn't Enough to Stop Post-EMV Fraud MORE

OEM-Pay to Hit 150MM by EOY 2017 & HCE Adoption to Expand 5X by 2020 MORE

Samsung Pay Partners With Australia's Westpac Before Galaxy 8 Launch MORE

UK CMA Greenlights Mastercard Acquisition of VocaLink MORE

Internet's Coupon Hub, RetailMeNot, to be Part of Harland Clarke MORE

EMV POS Terminals 10% CAGR & EMV Cards 17% CAGR Through 2021 MORE

India's Flipkart Raises $1.4B From 3 Major Players MORE

First Data Joins SVB's Fintech Accelerator MORE

Blockchain Technologies the Payments Buzzword for 2017 and Beyond MORE


Machine-to-Machine and Enterprise Performance Drive Gemalto Growth MORE

Like Seatbelts, There's No Point in Rejecting EMV and PCI MORE

Wirecard Snags Sortimo European Online Payments Contract MORE

Chatbots' Holy Grail: Payments MORE

Ultimate Retail & eCommerce Networking Event Set for October MORE

CaixaBank Sees Mobile Payments as the Key to Adding Value to its Banking Service MORE

EMV Boom Ends – Verifone Looks to Become Device + Services Provider MORE

Experian, BioCatch Fighting Online Fraud Via Biometrics MORE

E-Wallets – – Top Payment Method by Share of E-Commerce Sales Worldwide MORE

Remittance Startup Uses Bitcoin as a Bridge Between Bank Accounts MORE

Sellers Lose Thousands As Amazon Marketplace Is Hit By Hackers MORE

Q1 Earnings Reports Season in Earnest This Week MORE

MONDAY, APRIL 10, 2017

Congress Should Reject the CFPB's Prepaid Card Rule MORE

Mercator & Javelin Release Two Free Merchant-Related Reports MORE

Cybercriminals Are Buying Tax Info To Cash In On Fraudulent Refunds MORE

What is Behind the Recent Upticks in Bank Credit Card Delinquency & Charge-Offs? MORE


Big Banks Poised to Scoop Up Fintech Startups, Report Finds MORE

Indian Diaspora Prepaid Cards Lead Government Demonetization Mandate MORE

Financial Aid Tool Breach Yields 100K Taxpayers Worth Of Stolen Data MORE

Money 20/20 Europe Will be Nothing but Ginormous This Year MORE

A Blockchain for Cash Flow Management MORE

Near-Prime Credit Card Accounts Drive Delinquency Higher MORE

Facebook Uses AI To Tell Users What To Buy, How To Pay MORE

U.S. Credit Card Debt Sets a New Record Above $1 Trillion in Early 2017 MORE


Major 4 Network Adjusted Global #PDV Up 6.5% YOY FX in Fourth Quarter MORE

Apple Pay Falls Short of Hype MORE

Major U.S. Issuer Outstandings Up Double-Digits Thanks to American Express & Costco MORE

MoneyGram, Euronet Talks Progressing At A Slower Pace Than Expected MORE

Value, Not Price, the Driving Factor for Small Merchants Selecting Payment Partners MORE

The Post-EMV Fraud Spike is Landing at Merchants' Feet MORE

Mobile Order Ahead Sales to Surpass 10% of QSR Orders and Hit $38 billion in 2020 MORE

Uber Drivers Embrace Instant Pay MORE

FOR & DSR Ratios Remain at Historic Lows – Rate Hikes May Reverse Trend MORE

Former Visa CEO Scharf Named Chairman of New York City Ballet MORE

Credit Card Delinquency Remains Stable as Auto & Boat Delinquency Heads North MORE

Wells Fargo Identifies Fraud, Aggressive Tactics In Credit Card Processing Unit MORE


Top 100 Credit Card Charge-Offs Soar Sharply in Q4 Raising Alarm Bells for 2017 MORE


JPMorgan's Head of New Technologies Hired by Lending Club MORE


Visa & Mastercard Cash Transactions Continues to Spiral Down MORE


InComm Partners With WeChat To Power Digital Payments For Chinese Tourists To Japan MORE


PayPal to Help Visa Expand VDEP & Visa Direct into the Asia Pacific Region MORE


What Dimon Had to Say About Fintech in His Annual Letter MORE


EDGE Card Aims for Top Advanced Dynamic Payment Card in the Market MORE


Mastercard Rolls Out Support Of Samsung Pay In UAE MORE


Mobile Store Apps to Multiple Markets a Real POS Apptizer for Merchants MORE


For Banks, PSD2 is a 'Chance for Greatness' MORE


OP Financial Pairs Up With Token For New Payments Solutions MORE


UnionPay Cards Infiltrate Hotels in France Popular with Asian Tourists MORE



Amazon Cash's Secret Weapon is the Apple wallet MORE

Wirecard Buys Citi's Asia Merchants MORE

CO-OP Acquires TMG, Announces Organizational Restructure MORE

Mobile Pay Apps Still Risk Losing Consumers Over Security Fears MORE

Uber Rival Grab Makes 1st Major Acquisition to Build Out its Payments Platform MORE

Japan Makes Bitcoin Legal Payment Method MORE

How Chinese Mobile Payments Are Quietly Conquering The World MORE

Tech Disruption ISOs Feared is Becoming Their Savior MORE

The New Payment Future: 3 Technologies Leading the Way MORE

Starbucks, Amazon, Dunkin' Donuts Drive New Mobile Payment Behaviors MORE

Amazon's Cash Play MORE

EyeLock Patent Links Iris and Face Biometrics MORE


Top 100 U.S. Credit Card Delinquency Hits Three-Year High in 4Q/16 MORE

Money Laundering Fight Needs More Efficiency, Not a Full Overhaul MORE

Frictionless Monthly Payment Plans for Credit Cards at the POS MORE

Panic Arises As Chinese Company Plans To Acquire U.S. MoneyGram MORE

Most Major Regional Banks Continue Credit Card Investments MORE

Ma's MoneyGram Deal Threatened as Lawmakers Cite China Risks MORE

First Blockchain-Based Football Fantasy Game Offers XFCCOIN Cryptocurrency MORE

Netspend Agrees To Settle FTC Allegations MORE

UAE Establishing a Mobile Payments Platform Integrated with Government Services MORE

FundersClub, Where People Back Startups Online, Says it's Beating the Pros MORE

Consumer Groups, Legal Scholars, Lawmakers Show Support For CFPB MORE

Visa Credit Cards Drive V+M Payment Card Purchase Transactions Growth MORE


Innovative Shopping Trends in Retail Taking Shape in 2017 MORE

Business Check Payments are 'Broke,' and Need to be 'Fixed' MORE

3MM Records Compromised Every Day or 44 Records Every Second MORE

American Express Gearing Up To Raise Points On Platinum Card MORE

AU Credit Card Debt Stagnates as Average Balances Decline 40bps MORE

Court Orders New Look at New York Credit Card Surcharge Ban MORE

Visa + MasterCard Gross Transaction Ticket Hits $85 MORE


DOJ Granted Approval To Delay Petition To Reexamine Amex Case MORE

Wirecard Accelerates its Expansion into South Africa MORE

Mobile tech can help retailers respond to Amazon Go MORE

Lucerne Cantonal Bank Deploys Space Age Multifunctional ATMs MORE

Pew Reveals What Americans Know About Cybersecurity MORE


Despite Brexit Brits Pile On Credit Card Debt in Early 2017 MORE

Square Boosts Global Payments Ambitions with U.K. Expansion MORE

Australian Credit Card Spending Rebounds Sharply in 2017 MORE

SEC Denies Second Bitcoin ETF MORE

Viewpost to Integrate Visa Virtual Commercial Cards Payments MORE

Slow Embrace of Artificial Intelligence and Voice Loses the Next Generation MORE

Mastercard Acquires Biometric Digital and Mobile Payments Fraud Fighter MORE

Turnkey Payments Service for Wearable Devices MORE

Risk-Adjusted Credit Card Revenue Slowly Recovering MORE

Amazon Buys as Middle East Online Market Takes Off MORE

MoneyonMobile Lands a Huge Electricity Bill Payments Contract in India MORE

XOR Data Exchange Helps Online Retailers Fight Fraud For Free MORE



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